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Cut through the noise via our predicted Market Maker Inventory models and Quantitative metrics only available to Institutional clients. Predict flow before it even pops up on the old-school flow tools.

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Volatility Surface Graph
Volatility Surface

Next-Generation Information Tools Right at your fingertips

Identify whether calls/puts are cheap relative to IV and which durations are most favorable. Use skew to identify which tails to sell or buy.

Market Maker Positioning Graph
Gamma & Delta Profiles

Market Maker Positioning

Determine support and resistance levels based on where Market Makers hedge.

Understand whether Opex or general option expiries are bullish or bearish through Charm flows. Utilise Vanna Flows to know if Market Makers are supporting or dropping price.

Intelligent Predictive Models Graph
Returns Profiles

Intelligent Predictive Models

VOLA models based on quantitative factors to help guide entry and exit points on commodities, equities and futures.

Historical GEX Models Graph
Sector Overbought or Oversold?

Historical GEX Models

Determine where positive and negative flow is going via our proprietary sectors and when reversals are likely.

Seasonality Graph
Stock returns


Use historical returns to determine whether or stock will move higher or lower during any given week or day.

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  • Daily Commentary on SPY/QQQ Options Based Indices Positioning
  • Access to the dashboard offering
  • V.ai bot signals & Discord commands
  • Market Maker Screener Model
  • VOLA, Pluto & Jupyter Models
  • Historical GEX & Propietary Sector Models
  • Gamma Profile Modelling
  • Delta Profile Modelling
  • Volatility Surface
  • Daily/Weekly Returns Profiles
  • Daily/Weekly Seasonality Data
  • Full Access to new upcoming models


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Adopting our experience in financial services we have adopted our methods used in a range of asset classes such as Fixed Income and applied these to equities/futures to highlight trades with defined probabilities.

We backtest all of our models prior to release to ensure actionable trades. Vexly is built by a team who have tried every product and found what was lacking, to produce a product that cuts the noise and gives traders the data they need to think probabilistically.

The bot is available to discord rooms on a volume priced basis, but is also available to individual subscribers via the vexly server.

No, we currently do not offer any free trials.

We operate a no refunds policy. If you choose to purchase we will not offer any refunds and reserve our right to do so.

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